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What time is compost pick-up?

Upper Valley Compost will pick-up your collection bucket at the end of your driveway between the hours of 8:00am and 3:30pm on your scheduled collection day.

What should I do with my compost bucket?

Please be sure to have your bucket ready for collection at 8:00am and that your lid is on tightly to prevent loss, damage, or animals snacking on your compost. Once dropped-off, the collection bucket is the customer’s responsibility.  Upper Valley Compost will strive to leave your compost bucket in a secure location to prevent it from being blown away, hit by a snow plow, or taken mistakenly by your trash collector.

What if my compost collection bucket is dirty?

During collection, buckets will be cleaned and relined for the upcoming week(s), or potentially replaced with a clean one if your current bucket is beyond “on the road cleaning”.

What if I forget to put my food scrap collection bucket out?

If there is no collection bucket left out at the time of collection (between 8:00am - 3:30pm), normal charges will still accrue unless Roger is notified in advance that your collection will not be needed that week.

How can I skip a compost collection day?

Please send Roger at Upper Valley Compost an email or text message before 6pm the prior day if you do not need your compost collected that week.

Can I reschedule my compost collection service?

If a collection is missed due to your bucket not being left out, and you require rescheduling that same week, a $3.00 fee can be added to your bill.

Will compost collection service prices remain the same next year?

Prices are subject to change with at least one month’s notice. We intend to keep price changes to a minimum, with any changes presented with an explanation.

How do holidays affect the compost collection schedule?

When a compost collection day falls on a major holiday, that day will be rescheduled with plenty of notice. The rescheduled compost collection day will be as close to your normal collection day as possible.

How does bad weather affect your compost collection schedule?

If inclement weather becomes an issue due to unsafe road conditions, Upper Valley Compost will communicate with customers a plan to get compost collections done in the safest way possible.

How do I cancel my compost collection service?

To terminate services, please send an email letting us know. Please send your name, address, and when you would like your services to end. If your collection bucket is no longer needed Upper Valley Compost can take your bucket on your last collection, and a refund of $5 will be deducted from your last billing invoice.

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