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Upper Valley Compost

Northern Vermont's
Food Scrap Pick-Up Service

Helping to keep Vermont green.

Our Service Area in Northwestern, Vermont:

Cambridge / Jeffersonville, Fairfax, Colchester, Milton, Jericho / Underhill, Richmond, Westford, Essex, South Burlington, Williston.

The easiest, cleanest way to handle your food waste

Our service provides emptying, cleaning and refreshing your bucket at each collection.

Composting in Vermont

About Upper Valley Compost

Insured, and permitted to haul waste in the state of Vermont. Upper Valley Compost, LLC looks forward to helping fellow Vermonters comply with VT Act 148.  Let's get your food scraps where they belong!  Home owners and businesses alike can count on Upper Valley Compost for curbside compost removal.

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Roger from Upper Valley Compost

Meet Roger


A 4th generation Vermonter and small business owner.

Reliable, respectable, and ready to get the job done.

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VT Waste Hauling Permit

Vermont Permit

Waste Hauling

Vermont Small Business LLC

LLC - State of VT

Vermont Small Business

Insured Vermont Business


Liability Protection


Act 148 Compliant

Vermont Waste Ordinance 

About Anchor 1

Should I put this in my compost pick-up bin?


Acceptable Items

Materials Accepted Anchor 2
  • All food scraps of any kind   

  • BPI Certified, clearly labeled compostable bags used for lining food scrap containers.   

  • Coffee filters & tea bags (paper only–no plastic tea bags)   

  • Newspaper and untreated paper products used to line food scrap containers   

  • Paper towels, napkins, facial tissues – only if they DO NOT contain body fluids or chemicals of any kind   

  • Wooden or bamboo stirrers, toothpicks, chopsticks, (no plastic frills).

We Do Not Accept

  • Petroleum-based plastic of any kind

  • Coated or waxed paper

  • Compostable foodware products

  • Dirt/Fill/Stumps

  • Cat, dog, or human waste

  • Diapers, including diapers labeled “compostable”

  • Styrofoam

  • Metals, including foil wrapping and twist ties

  • Toxic materials such as paints, solvents, pesticides, or petroleum products. How to properly dispose of hazardous waste



Items we accept to be composted:

Things Upper Valley Compost Collects

Not Compostable

Items we do not accept, not compostable:

Upper Valley Compost Non Compostable Items
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Upper Valley Compost
Food Scrap Pick-up Schedule


  • Cambridge

  • Jeffersonville

  • Colchester

  • Fairfax

  • Milton


  • Essex

  • South Burlington

  • Williston


  • Jericho

  • Richmond

  • Underhill

  • Westford

Food Scrap Collection Prices
Compost Buckets




Per Week 

Upper Valley Compost Pick-up Trailer

Every Other Week



Per Biweekly pick-up 


Commercial Compost Collection 

Contact Us

Priced by bin size and average weight

Prices may vary by service location.

Price Anchor
How Does the Food Waste Pick-up Work?
Compost Service Bin

Compost Bucket

Upper Valley Compost will provide an initial 5 gallon bucket with lid and liner for $9. 
Our lids are easy to use!

Food Waste Pick-up Schedule

Get Ready

On your scheduled pick-up day please leave your bucket at the curb.  Earliest pick-up is 8am.

Food Garbage Pick-up

Food Scrap
Pick-up & Cleaning

Your scraps will be collected from your bucket.  We will either clean and sanitize your bucket and install a fresh liner, or exchange a dirty bucket for a clean one.

Contact Us Anchor 3

Contact Us

Upper Valley Compost

Jeffersonville Vermont

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Thanks for getting in touch.

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